Acceleration Programs Portfolio

Co-living Solutions for Landlords
Sustainable Technologies to Feed the World
Brain-Controlled Rehabilitation Robotics Helping Paralyzed Patients Regain Movement
Unleashing Vendor Lifecycle Management
Innovative platform for plant-based and fermetation industries
Exclusive Online Marketplace for Ethnic Products
Astronomy Software
Digital Wallet for Newcomers
Digital Services for the Automotive and Transportation Sectors
Management Platform to Control Energy and Carbon Emissions
Contactless Payment Systems for Public Transportation
3D Body Mapping for Skin Cancer Detection
AI-based, Privacy & Ethical-Oriented Recommendation and Search Engine
Work Automation integrated with AI
Software Testing Platform
Wedding Planning Marketplace
Laundry Chemical Manufacturing Company
Tracking Platform to Increase Productivity
Innovative Device to Fight Diabetis
Customer Acquisition Tool
Training Platform Powered by AI
Online Currency Exchange Platform
Tool for Precision Agriculture
SaaS Solution Integrating Multiple Project Management Platforms
Habit Forming App
Marketing Tool For Restaurants
Virtual Experience For The Hospitality Industry
Biotech company for microbial discovery process
Traceablity solution for the pharmaceutical industry
Reconciliation accounting software
Sustainable Solar-Powered Battery for the Logistics Industry
International transfer for students
Management Software
Edtech for parents and educators
Marketing intelligence for App user acquisition
Retail Inventory Management Solution
Brokerage-In-A-Box Solution In Business Aviation
Robotics For Kids
Telecommunication Management SystemWeb and App-base Solution for Consultants
Online Marketplace For The Furniture Industry
Digital Marketing Agency Improving Digital Communications.
Smart Logistics Platform and API for Online Shops
Mobile Refuelling and Recharging Platform

Graduated Companies

Web and App-base Solution for Consultants
AI Tool For The Dentist Industry
Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform
SaaS For Services & Document Management
Surveyors Services For Global Shipping Companies
Clinical information system
Hub manufacturers centre for customers and suppliers
Faster Internet Services
Marketplace For Skilled Professionals
Unicorn Level
Fintech/AI company: Customer support platform
SK Godelius
Grupo Seara
Fashion Tech

Market Entry Program Alumni

Procurement as a Service Platform
Fitness and Personal Training App
Verified Data Blockchain Platform
Business Financial Management Software
Medtech Solution For Cardiovascular Risk
Marketplace for Farmers
Financial Advising Platform
Alternative Platform for
Canadian Farmers and Wholesalers
Immigration Platform for students
User-friendly Referral System
Monitor lifestock farms in real time
Security solution for app makers
Restaurant Management and EPOS System
Virtual Reality And Interactive Tours For SMB
Trade Platform Connecting Businesses
Mental Health Platform Serving Newcomers

IoT company: Portable grading system

Marketplace for makers

The shuttle bus companion app

Edtech: STEM for children

Scientific equipment logistics

Connecting experts with clients

Integrated fleet management

E-commerce solutions

Support and connects writers

Order wine, beer and spirts

Collects and purify rainwater

Find a babysitter online

Learn to play guitar online

SaaS solutions for parking lots

Reduce power consumption

Connects beauty saloons with customers