Mexico City Ecosystem Tours

Posted September 5, 2016

Mexico City has an amazing startup ecosystem! As part of the LatAm Startups Conf 3.0 this year, we will be running an exclusive, intimate tour of the leading players in Mexico City. The bus holds forty people, and is already half-full. As a result, we are accepting applications to join the tour. Investors and public policy officials get priority. Space permitting, rocking startups will be allowed to fill the remaining seats.

To apply, send us an email:

Without further ado, here is the itinerary:


WeWork is a global platform that provides business of all sizes, from startups and freelancers to established multi-national companies, with the workspace, community, and services they need to make a life, not just a living.

With presence in 30 cities, 12 countries and more than 65,000 members in 112 locations, WeWork is at the forefront of the future of work.

For We Work, community is a vital, tangible asset that can help small and large businesses benefit in both cultural and economic levels. That's why they've partnered with Latam Startups to give all our members a 10% discount for their first 3 months of WeWork Membership in Mexico City.

Find out more about how to join We Work here.

11:30AM 500 STARTUPS

500 Startups is an early-stage venture fund and seed accelerator founded by Dave McClure and Christine Tsai in 2010. The fund admitted a first "class" of twelve startups to its incubator office in Mountain View, California in February, 2011.


BBVA is implementing open innovation models, in order to overcome existing limitations in organizations and attract the best talent. Consequently, it is creating a knowledge network around the Innovation Centers, such as those in Madrid (Spain) and Bogota (Colombia), which are the areas where the BBVA Group's most disruptive projects are being carried out. Innovation Centers play an essential role in the digital transformation that is underway in BBVA today. The Group is relying on ecosystems for innovation and talent worldwide, with the aim of fostering a culture of collaboration with entrepreneurs, startups and developers. A community of innovation in which new ideas are one of the mainstay of its growth.

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We are a Venture Capital firm that seeks to link great ideas with capital. AVM’s main objective is to provide intelligent capital. We add value to every investment we make by promoting its development through continuous monitoring, connecting entrepreneurs to our network of investors and providing range of services to entrepreneurs including mentorship. Their web site is here.