LatAm Startups invites you to Canada

Posted February 20, 2019

Last week I spoke to Miryam Lazarte, CEO of LatAm Startups, the Canadian accelerator empowering Latin American founders in the northern country. We discussed the similarities between both regions and how LatAm Startups is helping both economies work together.

Latam Startups is a non-profit organization based in Toronto dedicated to fostering entrepreneurial growth. As part of its mission, the association helps startups (mostly Latin American ones) scale.

How so, you may ask? Well, they have different acceleration programs, boot camps and provide soft-landing support.

In terms of network, the group has partnered with the city of Toronto for a LatAm Hub Toronto Event that prepares startups for international expansion. LatAm Startups is also a member of NACO (National Angel Capital Association) pronounced “neico” for all those witty Mexicans out there.

Even better, Latin American founders can now apply to the accelerator’s Visa Program with support along the way. For this program, Canada grants a working visa to startups with a maximum of five co-founders as well as their families.

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