More than ever companies require help to build a solid strategy and start growing in their local or international market. By using our tools you can build a pivoting plan or a version of your business plan.

Pivoting Business Model Tool

By using the Pivoting Business Model tool you can identify what must be changed in your strategy. This tool is totally FREE and it can be accesible in English, Spanish and Portuguese

Business Plan Writer Tool

By using this tool you can build a business plan with a first strategy to put in action your business! you can use the form for FREE or submit it to review for USD 25. If you submit your business plan for review we will:

  • Send you a feedback
  • You may be eligible for a no-refundable grant of USD 300 (we aim to give 10 companies this small grant before June 30, 2020)
  • The non-refundable grant is available just for companies that have paid to the review of the business plan

You can start writing your business plan in English, Spanish and Portuguese

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Watch our webinars about pivoting business model (info session in English, Spanish and Portuguese)

Pivoting Business Model (English)
Adaptando Tu Model De Negocio (Sesión en Español)
Adaptação Do Modelo De Negócios (Sessão em Português)