Mexican FinTech Startup Launches in Toronto

Posted August 1, 2018

Victor Salinas joined LatAm Startups to grow his fintech business--and succeeded.

Salinas started Aiontech nine years ago in Mexico. The company today has 30 employees and counts banks like HSBC among their clients.

When the time came to scale globally last year, Salinas chose Toronto because, unlike Silicon Valley, Toronto is a major global financial hub, home to most of Canada's largest banks, and the Canadian branches of global banks. Toronto is fertile ground for a fintech startup.

Victor Salinas

In September 2017, Salinas realized that his SmartCouncil software was growing massively in popularity among his clients, and chose this product, among several in his portfolio, to scale globally first.

SmartCouncil was so successful in the Canadian market that Salinas launched a second product in Toronto--EasyTransfer, a virtual wallet that makes it easy for students in Latin America to receive money from home when studying abroad in Canada, the US, or Europe.

Salinas was able to launch EasyTransfer in Canada in less than three months because of the connections he built during his time at LatAm Startups.

Victor Salinas

"Bringing our product to Canada has been a good challenge for the company, but without the guidance and support from Latam Startups it couldn't be possible," Salinas says. "If you want to enter this market, you should talk with Latam Startups, to have a better chance to success."