LatAm Startups Alum SISAT Plans Global Expansion From Toronto

Posted October 7, 2018

LatAm Startups is pleased to announce that a graduate of our Fall 2018 bootcamp plans to move their successful global IoT startup to Toronto.

The two co-founders of SISAT, a Mexican IoT startup that sells fleet management technology, visited Toronto for two weeks to attend the LatAm Startups bootcamp, and were so impressed by the startup ecosystem in Toronto they plan to move their international headquarters to Canada, they told Lattin Magazine in an interview.

SISAT has offices across Mexico and in Tucson, Arizona, and are planning to open a Toronto office as a launching pad for global markets in Asia, Africa, and Europe.

Co-founders Rogelio Martinez and Octavio Vázquez were blown away by the ease of doing business in Canada.

"[Toronto is] an environment that was incredibly conducive to business," Martinez sais. "You could call a CEO and schedule a meeting and it would happen. This is not as common in Mexico. Also there are many public events where you can listen to top-notch speakers and meet incredible people, and they are all free."