LatAm Startups Wins Entrepreneur Success Fund Award

Posted October 18, 2018

Today LatAm Startups received the Entrepreneur Success Fund Award 2018 from Startup Canada during Startup Canada Day on the Hill.

LatAm Startups will use the award to host a two-week bootcamp to inspire newcomers to build new high-tech companies.

This is the second time LatAm Startups has won this award. LatAm Startups previously won the award in 2016.

More than 150 applications were submitted this year from across Canada.

The more than 150 applications from across Canada, were adjudicated by an esteemed and representatives including Nunzio Presta, CEO of BizON, Maria Locker, CEO of Mompreneur, Scott Bowman, Senior Director at Futurpreneur, and Emily Rose Antflick, Founder and Chief Community Cultivator at Shecosystem.

LatAm Startups receives award

"I started Startup Canada to connect, unify and strengthen Canada’s entrepreneurship community; to unleash the entrepreneurial potential of individuals and our entire nation," said Victoria Lennox, CEO of Startup Canada.

"Today, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to further promote, support and scale the Teams of LatAm Startups, Mentorly, The Ville Cooperative, and CommuniHelp, to advance our shared purpose of growing Canada’s entrepreneurship potential."

"Here at TruShield Insurance, we know the obstacles small business owners have to overcome to make it past the daily finish line," says Tony O’Brien, Executive Vice President, TruShield Insurance. "That’s why we’re so proud of the recipients of the Entrepreneur Success Fund, because not only are they winning every day, but they’re working to ensure other entrepreneurs like them continue on their journeys and overcome the high rate of small business failure."