TORONTO, January 19, 2021 – After an interview with the LatAm Startups Board of Directors, we are pleased to announce the seven international tech companies that were accepted into the Startup Visa Program.

The Startup Visa Program is a four-month acceleration program at LatAm Startups. Startups will receive mentoring sessions tailored to the company on growth, sales, and investments. LatAm Startups will also aid in identifying opportunities to get loans and grants, as well as helping the companies gain access to the local talent and connections to the key players in the market.

The co-founders and their essential team members were given a supporting letter in which they would require to provide when applying for their Canadian Permanent Residency.

Meet the New Generation

Foodbothelps restaurants to run a loyalty program and take orders on social media apps, allowing them to own their customer data while keeping all revenue instead of paying commission to the 3rd party apps. 

“Our journey with LatAm Startups has been at the right time for us. We have a very solid working product in Mexico and as we look forward to expanding in Canada, their guidance & support has been invaluable. Working with them through the Bootcamp & Softlanding program in the last 5 months have been very beneficial for us to build connections in the Canadian market required to do the initial research and launch our product.”Saurabh Rinwa, Founder & CEO

MountX is an international crowdfunding real estate platform dedicated to opening conventional, inaccessible and complex real estate investing to anybody, anywhere, anytime. MountX had built an international community that allows real estate investors to start with a small initial investment and grow exponentially through our system.

“At MountX we are working to capitalize on the rapidly expanding alternative finance ecosystem, through real estate crowdfunding in the North American market. It is an honour to be part of the LatAm Startups community – during the bootcamp and softlanding programs we have been able to validate our business model and enter the Canadian blockchain ecosystem to keep developing our tech and open our headquarters in Toronto to scale globally.” Enrique Suarez, Co-Founder & CEO

Plugn.City is a mobile app that connects guests interested in trying new things and meeting new people with hospitality and entertainment venues and experts from around the world.

“What we are offering is something that goes beyond our current context; It is a new way for people to experience the passionate content of the places they love from anywhere in the world. But for an idea and a business plan to become a real business opportunity, this support from LatAm Startups within the Startup Visa Program is already making all the difference. We are very excited about the great possibilities that the Canadian market has to offer. A new year has begun!”Ed Morais, Co-Founder

RolPlay is a digital platform that reduces training cost up to 70%, letting the trainees learn from anywhere, at any time, which makes learning flexible. Rolplay is built by leveraging the strength of bleeding-edge technologies.

“The journey we have had with LatAm Startups from the beginning has been great. The guidance and mentorship with the experts made us achieve our goal to be accepted into the Startup Visa Program as a first step for the company’s expansion.”Mauricio Lopez, Business Developer

SafetyDocs Global is a spin off from SafetyDocs Brazil, and it is a consolidated platform for the management of permits and legal documents, including tasks, risk management and other tools to enhance the productivity and lower the chances of fines.

“LatAm Startups has enabled us to navigate the North American market, as well as provided us the resources and mentorship to be successful in our landing. I am delighted to have our company as part of the Startup Visa program and I can’t wait to continue working with LatAm for the development of our global endeavour.”Ingrid T. Polini, CEO

Smart Dentis an automated diagnosis platform built for dentists. Its core function is to find abnormalities within the uploaded scans and offer a probability report based on its findings.  Its core-AI is capable of analyzing 2D and 3D scans and generating a detailed and human-readable report used by the dentist to develop cure plans for the patients.

“LatAm supported our business transition journey from the Bootcamp to Startup visa program. We have received the amazing support and mentorship. It was difficult to handle various challenges without LatAm support and mentorship.” Ashkan Yousefi, Co-Founder

Standard Surveyors is a professional and independent cargo surveying company leading the way with innovative digital solution. We develop our own program to making the inspecting & reporting process faster than ever.

“Standard Surveyors plans on being at the forefront of the new era of cargo surveying by our professional team, innovative idea and mentoring of LatAm Startups.  Being part of LatAm Startups program is an unforgettable and amazing experience to our team.  From the scale-up bootcamp program to softlanding program, we were able to understand our strengths and weaknesses, helped us to achieve greater milestone in Canada.” Chris Yau, Director of Operations

For more information about the Startup Visa Program with LatAm Startups, please visit this page.