Mark your calendars for September 18, the day on which the third cohort of the NEA Program starts. This time 15 companies owned by newcomers across Canada (Ontario, British Columbia and Manitoba) will take part of the programming aimed at providing support to grow in the competitive Canadian marketplace.

Among the elite of companies selected, we can count various business areas, from healthtech to manufacturing, passing through Edtech, Fintech and VR. All these exciting companies have founders from all over the world who are new Permanent Residents and Citizens in Canada. 

We invite you to discover each one of these startups and how they are re-shaping the industries they are part of:

  • Better Me Health Inc.→ Online psychotherapy for immigrants. Fast and easy access to mental health support.
  • Editr Apps Inc.→ Mobile app publisher company.
  • Owtrun→ Predictive Maintenance Solutions by combining the predictive power of algorithms & the robustness of Reliability methods.
  • Woolyft Corp.→ SaaS platform designed to empower independent fitness and wellness studios.
  • Pi Electronics Technology Inc.→ Toronto based electronics brand that produces innovative technology essentials, such as headphones and speakers.
  • Sessionz→ Innovative educational technology platform making education accessible to all.
  • Actuality→ Supercharging brands to create immersive customer experiences using Augmented/Virtual Reality.
  • Future Now Immersive Innovation→ Edtech provider, pioneering a new era of low cost, low risk, fun and engaging experiential learning.
  • iSchoolWallet→ Discount platform on essential products needed by students throughout their educational journey.
  • Flow Roll Inc.→ Software platform powered by AI that helps Jiu Jitsu academies to administer their businesses better
  • Roney→ Expense tracking app powered by AI
  • Mhapy→ Chatbot and social journal that tracks anxiety, depression, sleep, and monitors mental health. It also connects people with peers who have had similar experiences so they can support each other.
  • Aliquet→ App that measures your body, providing you with accurate results in real-time by using 3D body screening with Augmented Reality technology. 
  • BeltecHub→ Streamlining and simplifying the discovery, manufacturing, acquisition and sourcing of conveyor & power transmission belting, automation equipment and components.
  • Brampton Tandoors→ High quality, handmade Tandoors

The Newcomer Entrepreneur Accelerator (NEA) program received funding from the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP) supporting these services. The program will bring a much needed assistance that will help the participating companies to grow above and beyond the Canadian marketplace.

For additional information about this program contact Meg Welter, Program Coordinator NEA.