Athimos is a company providing solutions in the health sector. The company was a part of LatAm Startup’s Bootcamp 3rd Cohort in March 2018. Now, they are enrolled in the startup visa program, another step closer to expanding the business in Canada. The company will be officially launching their software during the LatAm Conference 6.0 on May 16th 2019.


Originated in Brazil, Athimos has been providing solutions to health practitioners for 11 years. With more than 30 years of experience in the health and technology sectors, these group of professionals realized a common problem that persists in the healthcare industry, no matter where it is located. 

Health practitioners and the patients are the core of the healthcare industry. However, the healthcare software currently available in the market are designed for logistics, administrative and other operational purposes, instead of the people most important to the industry. Realizing this problem, Athimos was created with a purpose to revolutionize the digital health care, providing the best practitioner-focused solutions, which in turn results in their ability to provide the best solutions to the patients. Their software solutions are efficient, flexible, affordable and user friendly. In addition, they also provide prediction of risks in patients to alert the practitioners of the possibility of potential problems.

Why Canada?

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Canada makes sense for Athimos because it is a strategic location to enter the bigger American market. With Canada’s involvement in the NAFTA, it will be easier for Athimos to further expand to the United States and Mexico in the future. However, the Canadian culture, diversity, the support available for startups were the reasons why the company decided to have Canada as their entry point.


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Athimos faced the same problem as 92% of businesses that expanded to Canada, which is the change of business model. The company’s enterprise licence-software business model has added SaaS services to better work with SMB, hence there are new factors to consider that did not exist while they were using the traditional model. Furthermore, as a new player in the market, Athimos have to first prove themselves in the foreign market. However, the biggest challenge they have faced so far was regarding their residence status in Canada, to enable them and their families to work and stay in the country.

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