Thank you once again for being part of the LatAm Startups community. Your support has been crucial in the development of the organization and the startups in our programs.

The companies in cohort VIII is currently conducting their market research for their respective businesses and they need your help.

If you are located in Canada, we would like your insights and your time to help them to validate the market, through surveys, focus groups and interviews. Please see the list below on the profiles they need, how you can support them and some incentives you may receive for participating in this market research.  

Industry & Topic: Fintech | Payment Solutions for SMBs in Canada

Objective: Understand the challenges that SMBs face with their current Point-of-Sale system and validate the market acceptance for Buy Now Pay Later solutions

Profile Needed: Business owners or managers of SMBs in the retail industry, with less than 100 employees

Survey Link:

Industry & Topic:  Digital Advertising | Referrals App for SMBs in Canada

Objective: To validate a new digital advertising technology for small business owners to acquire more clients, using existing customers’ referrals.

Profile Needed: Small business owners in Canada that invest in digital marketing campaings to acquire new customers

Focus Group Link:

Industry & Topic: Leisure, Entertainment & Tourism | Online Experiences from around the world to your living room.

Objective: Understand the insights and interests of the final consumer, as to the consumption of entertainment activities amidst pandemic times and how appealing will result in the introduction of new engaging ones.

Profile Needed: Foodies // Millennials, aged between 25 and 40 // Heavy social media users (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & YouTube) // Frequently looking for exciting spots in the city or the vicinity area // People that love the story behind their favourite places and enjoy hearing more about those // Individuals looking for engaging ways to spend their free time.

Focus Group Link:

Industry & Topic: Document Issuance, Authentication, Sharing | Access and authentication/validation of your own information as easy as a click.

Objective: To determine attitudes towards blockchain based DAPP Solution (BelShare) for issuing, authenticating, and storing documents in the fields of healthcare, education and employment

Profile Needed: Have experienced and used healthcare facility (i..e. visited a doctor, hospital, etc) in past 1 year in Canada, have heard of blockchain, looking for engaging ways to spend their free time, 18years of age or above, can access Zoom.

Focus Group Link:

Industry & Topic: Property/facility management | The challenges of managing permits and documents in a large-scale operation

Objective: To comprehend the pain points of managing permits and documents.

Profile Needed: A person in the property/facility management in the Vancouver region, who deal with a considerable amount of documents on a daily basis

Industry & Topic: Corporate Healthcare | High level managers’ interest in employee health and productivity management

Objective: To understand businesses’ incentives to manage employee health and productivity

Profile Needed: CEOs, CFOs, or Finance, EHS or HR directors of a company in sectors like construction, mining, transportation, manufacturing, or emergency response in Ontario

Focus Group / Interview Link:

Industry & Topic: Corporate Healthcare | Employee engagement for blood pressure management at work.

Objective: To determine employee interest and incentives to better manage blood pressure at work

Profile Needed: Workers in the construction, mining, transportation, manufacturing, or emergency response sectors in Ontario

Focus Group / Interview Link:

Industry & Topic: Real Estate | Crowdfunding in Real Estate

Objective: To understand thoughts, concerns and challenges when it comes to investing in real estate, and how we can help to find the right solution.

Profile Needed: Professionals, aged 27 – 55. Annual income of $60,000 – $100,000 CAD. Looking to diversify globally and create financial freedom. Look to use technology on their advantage, early adopters. Wants an alternative investment that provides good and secure returns. Lack financial education and want to simplify and understand the market.  Wants to invest in Real Estate but they lack the capital for doing it alone. Have a minimum of $10,000 USD budget to invest.

Focus Group Link: 

Industry & Topic: Logistics and Transportation | A Study of Success for Cargo Monitoring in the Digital Era

Objective: To understand attitudes and opinions on how the logistics industry is being perceived and the differences in business practices on the west coast of Canada and Canada in general in comparison to international business practices; being able to identify and evaluate the level of perceived importance of critical success factors and organizational performance measures pertinent to the cargo surveying industry and the global shipping industry in the digital era.

Profile Needed: People who have experience in the logistics, supply chain, or the shipping/transportation industry // Operation managers, supervisors, or department heads of customer service in the previously mentioned industries // Import/export managers or supervisors in the supply chain companies, and distributors for the logistics or supply chain companies

Focus Group / Interview Link:

Industry & Topic: Restaurants and Food Service Industry| More Revenue & Loyal Customer using Messenger Bots 

Objective: To understand how restaurants in Toronto and GTA are currently pivoting through COVID pandemics, and how implementing Messenger bot can help restaurants generate more revenue by running loyalty programs.

Profile Needed: Restaurant owners or managers with executive level for business decisions // Restaurants with multiple locations in Toronto/GTA // Currently have no rewards/loyalty programs or unsatisfied with a current program (no yielding results in ROI) // Financially affected by COVID-19 seeing a dip in daily revenue or have troubles with returning customers // Looking for new ways to retain customers through loyalty program // Willing to implement technology to their business // Marketing and ad budget around $300 a month

Focus Group / Interview Link: