Two weeks of learning and building meaningful connections with representatives of the combined Canadian and Latin American startup ecosystem flew by and came to an end early December in LatAm Startups’ Canada Tech Expansion Program, sponsored by StartUp Here Toronto and The City of Toronto.

Six Canadian companies took part in this hybrid program joining us in office and virtually. The first week’s sessions were focused on the Pacific Alliance (Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Peru) followed by the second week’s sessions on Mercosur (Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay). Joined by our partners, companies received advice and information on the legal frameworks, tax implications, marketing strategies and developed connections with angel investment & venture capital firms, innovation centres, and government, exploring the possibilities of expanding to Latin America.

“Very valuable information, experiences shared, and important networking opportunities.” Carlos Secada, Founder and CEO of Zagitas

“3D CityScapes would like to thank LatAm Startups and the entire team who helped put together this amazing series. As a rapidly growing Canadian tech company, it is imperative for us to work with partners in the international growth ecosystem and the last couple of weeks have been absolutely empowering, engaging and enriching!” Raza Jafri, Co-Founder and CEO of 3D CityScapes

“Thank you for a very productive and insightful 2-weeks. What I appreciated most was the wealth of expertise from all speakers on how to expand successfully in Latin America. It gave me the technology, learning, and confidence. Further, I appreciate the network I built during this boot camp and can’t wait to join next year.” Jun Echave, Business Development of Elements Global Services

LatAm Startups is excited to see these companies take their learnings and newly built connections to better navigate in their exploration and potential expansion to the markets of Latin America.

Learn more about Canada Tech Expansion Program Participants:

3D CityScapes

3D CityScapes Inc. is a technology company based in Canada building immersive interactive digital experiences for property developers, urban planners, cities and authorities. Founded in 2019, 3D CityScapes offers an unparalleled opportunity to take advantage of the data-integrated 3D environment visualization with mesmerizing details.

Elements Global Services

Elements Global Services is a global tech firm focused on software that is built to go beyond country borders and simplify a company’s ability to expand its business, onboard employees, manage compliance and pay globally. Elements offers customers 100% direct Employer of Record services in over 160 countries, powered by proprietary HR technology that simplifies everything from payroll, benefits and human capital management to HR outsourcing, local compliance and visa & mobility. 

OVHCloud Canada

As Europe’s leading cloud provider, OVHcloud delivers public and private cloud products, shared hosting and dedicated server solutions in 140 countries worldwide. They also offer domain name registration, telephone services and internet access to their customers.

OVHcloud also runs a program called the OVHcloud Startup Program, where they help startups and scaleups grow. OVHcloud partners up with selected accelerators, incubators, venture capital funds, specialized experts, and many more; building a collaborative ecosystem for startups.


With operations in Canada, Mexico, and Colombia, SmartConcil is a platform providing midsize and enterprise companies with an easy way to automate financial & transactional reconciliation processes. SmartConcil’s platform helps companies to consolidate and standardize all financial information in one place. By automating the entire reconciliation process, SmartConcil helps companies increase the efficiency in their work processes and the reliability of their financial metrics in real-time.


Solfium, a Canadian corporation focused on Latin America, is a unique provider of distributed solar energy for homes and businesses. Solfium is reinventing the customer experience through a simple and innovative platform that makes solar energy accessible to everyone. Solfium was created to accelerate the transition towards sustainability, by giving people an easy way to adopt Solar energy to reduce their carbon footprint, while saving money. Solfium launched operations in the Bajio area in Mexico and is rapidly expanding to other regions.


Zagitas’ purpose is to enable people and organizations to improve their work and lives through the help of Digital Co-Workers. Through the application of technologies such as Robotic Process Automation RPA and Artificial Intelligence, their Digital Co-Workers assist people by eliminating repetitive and routine tasks; and reduce operational cost and improving efficiency by up to 70%. They provide Digital Co-Workers primarily for accounting, operations, human resources and sales.