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Companies under LatAm Startups program are actively working to support the startup ecosystem globally to move forward during these uncertain times. This is why they are providing the essential tools to help you in different aspects – Finance, Customer Relationship Management, Health and Education – at no cost.

These entrepreneurs have quickly pivoted their business and created the tools with the understanding of what you and your business are going through.

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Athimos Electronic Medical Record

Electronic Medical Record (EMR)is a platform for online patient care and video appointments. It is available for all types of healthcare practitioners to work from home, and medical offices to survive the pandemic. This platform allows the patients who are suffering from non-emergency health Athimos EMR is an easy to use cloud-based Electronic Medical Records, where Mental Health professionals can access their agenda, schedule video meetings, consult problem lists, historical anamnesis, letters, annotations and patients records and documents. It is available 24/7 from anywhere there is an Internet connection. An agile, secure and easy-to-use platform, Athimos also offers on-line support and help with implementation.


Edooc is an exclusive technological solution, which brings together a series of intuitive and easy-to-use tools for you to face this pandemic and be prepared for the future, putting the most modern into your business.

The online learning platform allows making different types of files (pdf, ppt, word, excel, etc.) available to employees, performing activities such as learning assessments, real-time training, meetings with whiteboard, shooting videos, sharing screens, issue reports, and more.


KONECTA LITE is virtual advisor that allows you to refer attention to a Human Agent. It can be operational in 48 hours so that companies access digital attention channels ready to respond to the queries of their collaborators.

How do I connect to the company network from my home? When will we return to the office? What do I do if the virus has infected me? Is the salary charged as usual?

These are just some of the questions that arise for the millions of workers who carry out their tasks remotely today.

Providing this type of information and accurately and quickly to all the collaborators who are at home is a key element under today’s scenario.


SmartConcil is a web-based solution for bank reconciliation, with the most customizable rule-based engine to match daily transactions resulting from operations against not only your bank accounts, but any other management systems. SmartConcil also generates financial reports and financial projections.