“Toronto is, compared to Montreal, it’s a multicultural city. It’s home for me, it’s home for a lot of multicultural people, and I cannot imagine the opportunity the city can offer to people like me”

Anashwar Parayil, Co-Founder

It’s no mystery that today’s housing market is in a bubble in Canada, especially in Toronto and other bigger cities. Now if you are a newcomer it’s even harder to become an owner and even a renter. Here’s where Haletale finds an opportunity.

Haletale is the all-in-one rental listings and solution platform that makes the process of finding a home in Canada seamless, convenient, and fun. They help homeowners and tenants alike. With their pre-moving and pre-listing verification system, they help their users ensure a safe, cross-checked, reliable, and great co-living experience.

Part of LatAm Startups’ NEA program (Newcomer Entrepreneur Accelerator Program) both Anashwar and his co-founder Roshan, have been enjoying the benefits of the program and the city of Toronto. The NEA program will be able to help them develop a clear marketing and sales strategy, identify funding opportunities, develop an IP strategy, and develop a structure ready to hire new talent, among other deliverables, to help the company integrate into Canada’s ecosystem and recover in a post-pandemic economy.

“Like people like me, I’ve had my struggle when I moved here. So as my co-founder, he went to U of T, I went to Montreal and we had a hard time finding accommodations, so we decided to take it online, so we started doing it.” Anash (like his friends call him), reflects on the beginnings of Haletale and how they came upon a solution to a void newcomers had when searching for a place to live for the first time in Canada.

They decided to set up shop in Toronto for various reasons, the most important being the multiculturality that the city offers, plus LatAm Startups delivers the NEA Program in the city. “It’s been a month and a half to two months here right now, and the people here are amazing. It’s fun loving, it’s great networking. They’ve given us all the tools that’s required for us to grow where we are.”

“It’s just exactly what I’m looking for. And then they’re just making an accelerated process for that. So it’s a win-win for everyone, to be honest.” Even though the experience has been brief so far, Haletale is already proving they are here for the long run.

Last December LatAm Startups hosted their annual Christmas party with the presence of startups, mentors, partners, allies and friends. Part of the event is a pitch competition where the winner takes home some funding for their companies (12K in this case). Among the four pitches, Haletale came out victorious, which adds up to their run participating in the NEA Program. Congratulations Anash and Roshan, you are a true inspiration for more generations of newcomers that are trying to have an impact in the Canadian society with their startups.

It is important to state that through the City of Toronto’s support, LatAm Startups has been able to provide programming that assists not only Haletale, but all of the startups in our portfolio.

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