Last week was a busy one for LatAm Startups. The Toronto Global Forum took place from October 17 to the 19. This was the perfect starting point for our startups to network with investors and like minded entrepreneurs. The 18 and 19 also hosted workshops on immigration, legal affairs, sales and marketing, conducted by LatAm’s mentors and partners. To close the week, a Scaleup Bootcamp awaited for them in the Hamilton-Niagara region (October 20 and 21).

The Hamilton-Niagara region consistently ranks as one of the best locations in North America for overall investment value, cost competitiveness, and connectivity. As a hub for manufacturing, agri-business, life and health sciences, and other growing sectors, this region is full of opportunities and resources for innovative businesses, such as the ones that applied through LatAm Startups.

The bootcamp was delivered in partnership with InvestHamiltonNiagara, a combined effort of Hamilton Economic Development Office and The Region of Niagara Economic Development Office.

Day 1 – Hamilton

The bootcamp kicked-off in Hamilton, one of Canada’s most diversified economies, the fastest growing mid-sized city for tech talent with a fantastic community approach. Our startups learnt about the uncountable benefits of living and doing business in Hamilton. Innovation Factory served as the perfect facility for the occasion.

In the afternoon BDC explained the various ways they can support startups by leveraging funds to start their businesses in Canada. To finish in style, our good friends at the Ontario Centre of Innovation shared how they can help startups succeed in the Ontario ecosystem.

Day 2 – Niagara

On Friday we headed to the beautiful Niagara region. While Niagara is one of North America’s most popular tourism destinations, a growing number of businesses and individuals are deciding to make their journey here a one-way trip. With easy access to both the Greater Toronto Area and the United States, a highly skilled and educated workforce, and an open-for-business attitude at all levels of government with the results to prove it, the case for doing business in Niagara has never been better. Add in the fact that it’s a truly incredible place to live, and Niagara’s exciting growth comes as no surprise.

Here, the startups learnt about the regional ecosystem and the benefits of establishing a business and a home in this exciting region. In this case, the Niagara Falls Ryerson Innovation Hub came up as the perfect hosts, having Spark Innovation as the ideal support for entrepreneurs that want to set up shop in the region.

One of the perks of being in Niagara is the closeness to one of the natural wonders of the world: the falls. We had the chance to have lunch with a view.

In the afternoon we had the pleasure of visiting Innovate Niagara where our startups learnt more about the regional ecosystem and funding opportunities with Equation Angels.

The day finished in style with a wine tasting session at Vineland Estates Winery.

Overall, it was an experience that the startups valued a lot. Getting to know all of the different choices this region has to offer first-hand, is something that was possible thanks to the combined efforts of the cities of Hamilton and Niagara, LatAm Startups and all of our partners that support us in all of our endeavors. For the first time in years we were able to conduct an in-person Bootcamp. These kinds of initiatives are definitely more valuable when the startups have the chance to meet their potential facilitators, investors and peers face-to-face.

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