Toronto, November 12, 2019

LatAm Startups is announcing the seventh edition of the LatAm Startups Conference on June 19, 2020. The LatAm Startups Conference is an annual event presented in the most multicultural city of the world, Toronto.

LatAm Startups Conference 7.0 will introduce speakers from the startup ecosystems in Latin America, market entry experts, and scaleups. Other speakers and attendees at the conference are the industry leaders from the Canadian startup ecosystem. This annual event aims to encourage both Canada and Latin America to work together towards innovation.

The theme of the upcoming conference is ‘Entering A New Decade of Innovation’. Therefore, it is very much fitting that our conference will be held at MaRS Discovery District, the largest urban innovation hub in the world.. We also offer, on the day before, an exclusive Startup Ecosystem Tour, highlighting the best incubators, accelerators and innovation centres in Toronto and Waterloo. This tour is available for international startups, investors and government officials during their visit to Toronto to participate at our conference.

Some of our partners that LatAm Startups Conference have for 2020 include: OzielLaw, a business and technology law firm that specializes in incorporations and contract drafting for international startups; TechPlace, an Innovation Centre supported by Burlington Economic Development; Megafone Media is a digital marketing firm that specializes in campaigns towards different ethnicities globally.

“We have been promoting links between the Latin America and Canadian tech ecosystems since 2014, and we are proud to say that up today close to 60 startups from Latin America have been part of our programs in Toronto. During this time, Canada has also seen an opportunity in Latin America to grow tech businesses. 2020 represents a milestone for LatAm Startups as we were hoping to double the number of attendees and going into a more sophisticated program for the conference. We are proud to be pioneers connecting the both Latin America and Canada; and we are going to continue being the main reference in the startup ecosystem as a bridge between the two ecosystems.” says Miryam Lazarte, CEO at LatAm Startups

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About LatAm Startups

LatAm Startups is a nonprofit corporation based in Toronto. We are supported by the City of Toronto, a member of NACO, and a designated company for the Startup Visa program. We support international startups with bootcamps and softlanding programs to grow globally from Canada.
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About OzielLaw

Oziel Law is an entrepreneurial law firm which provides corporate and business law, computer and technology law, intellectual property (IP) law and contract drafting legal services to a wide range of clients in Toronto, North York, the wider Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and elsewhere in the province of Ontario. In addition, their trademark agent can help you search for, apply and register enforceable trademarks in Canada. We are committed to providing creative, affordable and cost-effective legal solutions for your business or start-up venture and take the time to understand your unique needs to ensure the highest level of service and counsel

About TechPlace

TechPlace is a one-stop destination for new and growing technology companies. With the support of partners from across the public and private sectors, it is dedicated to connecting, developing, and advancing entrepreneurs at all stages. This means providing access to space, programming, mentorship, networking, and resources that are fundamental to growing a business in today’s technology-driven marketplace. Led by Burlington Economic Development, TechPlace exists to help technology, talent and ideas come together under one roof to create and promote opportunities for economic growth.

About Megafone Media

Megafone Media is a Canadian digital media company founded in 2014. It provides industry-leading digital media services targeted at multicultural markets. It comprises seasoned media directors with over 25 years of experience who provide unique knowledge, expertise, and consultancy to North American clients who seek advice on how to develop effective marketing plans aimed at the ever-growing multicultural consumer segment in North America.