In partnership with ProChile and ProChile Canada, LatAm Startups is excited to deliver a Women in Tech Bootcamp this July. Ten technology startups led by women have been selected to participate in the two-week bootcamp from July 19th – July 30th.

“We are confident that [LatAm Startups’] experience and leadership in Canada will support Chilean companies and enhance ProChile’s presence as an institution that supports the internationalization of innovation and technology.” – Natalia Arcos Pino, Trade Advisor ProChile

ProChile’s Trade Advisor, Natalia Arcos Pino shared that the motivation for this initiative began with their Market Entry Series event in 2019, which aimed to provide an overview of the Canadian innovation ecosystem. As a result, many Chilean technology-based companies showed interest in bringing their business to Canada, particularly Toronto and Montreal. To meet this interest, ProChile organized a bootcamp for three companies, workshops for more than 150 companies, and had 20 companies participate in Collision 2021. Recognizing a need during discussions with ProChile’s Innovation department and the Gender and Indigenous Peoples department, the decision was made to initiate a project exclusively for women to grow their companies in Canada with LatAm Startups.

“[In the implementation of these initiatives], we have worked with different stakeholders, including Latam Startups, who have demonstrated tangible results in the Canadian market by supporting Latin American companies and companies from other parts of the world in their installation and growth in the market.”

Joining LatAm Startups for the bootcamp from various regions in Chile, including Los Lagos, Los Rios, O’Higgins, Tarapaca, and Antofagasta will be Altum Lab, The Live Green Co, VeHiCe, Acústica Marina, Constructora Selkie, AtacamaScope, Suncast, Wibo, Alfi, and Chattigo. They cover diverse industries, including information technology & services, biotechnology, animal health, construction, astronomy, renewables & environment, computer software, and financial services.

During the two weeks, these women-led technology startups will dive deep to learn about the Canadian market, allowing them to leverage their learnings towards preparing and planning for their expansion to Canada.