We’re thrilled to announce the third generation of international tech companies under the startup visa program.

After completing successfully the Scaleup Bootcamp Toronto program and the three-months softlanding program, these six companies have been approved by the board of directors of LatAm Startups under the Startup Visa program.

The Startup Visa Program at LatAm Startups supports tech companies to accelerate their growth in the market. During the next four months startups approved under the program will receive mentoring sessions focus in the growth of the company, connections with potential clients, investors and other key people in the market, LatAm Startups also identifies opportunities to get grants and loans, and work together with the startups to create their teams by hiring local talent.

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Meet The New Generation

BeltecHub Technologies Inc., is the one stop e-procurement platform for the global conveyor and power transmission systems and component. BeltecHub is a spin-off of Inverca, company with over 16 years experience originally from Honduras.

“Being accepted into the Startup Visa program demonstrates how Canada is a welcoming place for innovative entrepreneurs, with the appropriate guidance, mentorship and professionalism of LatAm Startups our expectations are to successfully settle and grow our business in North America during this year and start our global journey eventually” says CEO of BeltecHub Mario Escoto.

Lightouch Technologies Inc., is an edtech platform helping parents provide screen time to their kids without guilt, offering an interactive game for kids to play, which measures and develops their emotional intelligence also offering an environment for parents to get the needed information.

Lightouch is a spin-off of E-Create, a Brazilian ed-tech company with over 15 years experience in the market.

“We’re expecting with this step to have more challenges, more achievements and a whole lot of excitements!” says Beatriz Zanatelli, CEO at Lightouch Technologies Inc. in Canada

RankMyAPP is a marketing intelligence platform for App User Acquisition. RankMyApp uses data and its own algorithm to help big companies optimize mobile marketing strategies. RankMyAPP is a Brazilian company with over 5 years experience int the market and more than 200 clients including Shell, Pinterest, Itau and other large corporations.

“We hope to grow our company in North America with a special focus in Canada. We’re really excited about this step and we believe LatAm Startups connections will help us a lot throughout this journey” Says CTO of the company in Canada Rodrigo Castro

416 Technologies Inc. is an internet provider platform for small and medium retailers. This company is originally from Chile where they are advanced in the installation and usage of 5G network.

“With the support and guidance of the Latam Startup team and the entrepreneurship ecosystem, our expectation is to have the ability to develop a business model consistent with the needs of the Canadian market and, as a result, found and consolidate 416 Services. In this way, providing companies in the field of Telecommunications in a transversal way, providing timely and quality solutions, guaranteeing a customer experience” says the CEO of the company in Canada Pedro Quezada.

Telica Microbials Inc., is an ag-tech company creating new biopesticides combining three powerful tools: agricultural microbiology, genomics and machine learning. Telica is a company originally from Colombia.

“After the completion of a pre-operative stage during the soft-landing program, our goal is to take our business proposal to an investment-ready stage, seeking to launch our business in 2020” says Leonardo Solorzano, CEO at Telica

Kona Technologies Inc., is a Fintech company originally from Uruguay working with large corporations as Scotiabank to provide best customer support using a combination of AI+Human.

“As we graduated from the soft landing program, we now have a great understanding on doing business in Canada. I feel we are now ready to sell our products and services in this market, with the correct approach for North American clients. By doing the startup visa program, we will be able to scale our company from here while having all the help and support from the Latam Startups team” says CEO of Kona in Canada Diego Cibils

For more information about the Startup Visa Program with LatAm Startups please visit this link https://latamstartups.org/programs/startup-visa-program/