NEOJETS, a digital asset management company for business aviation that helps private jet operators and brokers ease their way into the digital market, saw exciting growth with a significant client investment based on a 30 million dollar valuation. CMO and Founder Bruno Santiago shared that the client is one of the top 10 private jet operators in the US and Canada.

The NEOJETS platform, already managing over 220 million dollars in business aviation assets, is projecting between 60 and 80 million dollars in annual revenue moving forward. 

With their growth, NEOJETS is taking a big step in adding to its technology this year. Identifying a need from private jet operators drove their intention to raise capital to add to their core software specializing in trading sales channels for business aviation. The money raised will play a part in designing a complete flight scheduling system that fully integrates with NEOJETS’ sales channels, which will remove the barrier of adoption for many potential clients.

We expect that when we have this integrated flight scheduling system with our sales channels, we are going to reduce the obstacles to adopt our technology…The main obstacle in our sales [has been] the integration with the current flight scheduling system that these companies [already] have – Bruno Santiago, CMO and Founder of NEOJETS

By November, NEOJETS plans to launch this comprehensive suite of business aviation solutions.

The importance of going global drives their plans of expanding their reach, adding to their current clients based in North America and the Caribbean. NEOJETS already has a pipeline of new clients in the works from Germany, Australia, and Dubai.

Because business aviation is such a niche segment, becoming global will be different from other companies in other areas and other industries…if you don’t go global in business aviation, you’re losing a big chunk of the market- Bruno Santiago, CMO and Founder NEOJETS

The team looks forward to closing these deals to drive NEOJETS over the one billion dollar mark in digital asset management in business aviation. Within plans are also to cover at least 3 of the top 20 private jet operators in North America to meet their commercial goals.

Private aviation continues to see growth for its apparent benefits, such as privacy and safety, among others, at a time where there is a lack of regional flights due to the pandemic. NEOJETS has taken advantage of the opportunities and will continue developing its technology to help private jet operators and brokers ease their way into the digital market.

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