I would say I was a witness of how Toronto became a growing high tech innovation industry hub. Toronto now, and Toronto back in 2017, is a little bit different, because now it’s one of the probably fastest growing innovation hubs in the world, or at least in North America.

Ilia Borishchev, CEO at Vibraint

One in six people worldwide is affected by stroke. The consequences can be devastating, from partial to total paralyzation of limbs. Six million people live paralyzed in Canada and the US, making this market very appealing to brain-controlled rehabilitation robotics.

The neurorehabilitation system VIBRAINT RehUp helps stroke victims to regain arm movement using brain-computer interface, AI and VR. Unlike most existing devices, it works even when the arm is largely paralyzed and can be used in stroke centers and neurology departments, literally from the first day of disease, as well as in rehabilitation clinics and even at patients’ homes.

That’s why Vibraint started clinical pilots (that have gone successfully) across North America, partnering with York University in Toronto, main reason why the founder decided to set up shop in this city.

Ilia Borishchev, is the founder and CEO. He came from Russia to Canada to kickstart Vibraint’s growth and also to restart his personal life. “When we decided to leave Russia (finally), for me definitely Canada was the only choice, because it’s the best country in the world for an immigrant.” Canada provides a safe ecosystem for both immigrants and their startups, and the support from the government (at all its levels) and organizations such as LatAm Startups is greatly valued and appreciated by the entrepreneurs.

Ilia’s experience in one of our cohorts: “I really like it here, so I would be happy to continue to stay in touch with LatAm (Startups). The most important thing for me here is like a warm atmosphere. Everything is very friendly, very easy, very flexible. So I feel comfortable here. I like people here, people in my cohort, I like LatAm people, so I’m very happy with it.”

Ilia enrolled for the NEA (Newcomer Entrepreneur Accelerator) Program in September 2022. Vibraint is now one of seven graduated companies of the second cohort of the program. A new cohort is starting in mid September 2023 and applications are open until September 4.

It is important to state that through the City of Toronto’s support, LatAm Startups has been able to provide programming that assists not only Vibraint, but all of the startups in our portfolio.

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