LatAm Startups is pleased to announce the companies selected for our Scaleup Bootcamp Toronto Sixth Generation that will be starting this upcoming September! Participants are coming from Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, Honduras, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela. This generation operates in various sectors – AI Tech Sector, Marketing Tech Sector, E-Commerce, Fintech, Greentech, Agrotech, Biotech, Virtual Reality, and Telecommunications.

Here is the list of the companies:

  • 416 Services and Advices – Telecommunications support services and management company with the objective of adding value to the connectivity offering. They have developed an “END to END” model which allows for added value generation in customer experience, costs and reverse logistics.
  • Apolomultimedia – Top company on the Shopify Expert Listing and develops apps for the Shopify App Store.
  • BIO360° Organic Architecture – Creating spaces full of life.
  • CreatU – An ecosystem that is built upon the success of Toronto-based wood studio to connect independent designers, manufactures and end users through AI technology.
  • Drone Pixel VE – Active Drone sensor visual Data and analytics to understand risk and Improve process.
  • Expertic SAS – Develops an affordable, automated and portable “grading station” solution focused on small and medium-sized chicken eggs producers.
  • Inverca SRL – Provides industrial technological supplies for the processing and manufacturing sectors.
  • Kona – Provides automated customer support with chatbots for the financial industry with artificial intelligence. 
  • Petalo Pharmaceutical SAS – A startup to research, grow and deliver quality CBD material to consumer. Our talented team has expertise and knowledge in propagation, cultivation and processing of cannabis plant.
  • RankMyApp – User acquisition solution for mobile apps which uses advanced technology and intelligence to enhance digital communication and marketing.
  • TELICA – Biopesticide discovery and formulation, combining high-throughput microbial scanning techniques and machine learning.
  • Wanderfy –AI-powered introduction network that helps entrepreneurs grow, turning simple contacts into qualified introductions and needs into business opportunities while allowing a vetted list of members to monetize their professional networks.

We are looking forward to seeing the companies next month!

The Scaleup Bootcamp Toronto is a two-weeks program that allows international companies to learn and experience the Canadian startup ecosystem as a point of entry for the North American market. Workshops include market research, customer validation, funding opportunities in the market, legal considerations for international companies, and visits to the important players in the ecosystem. For more information please