“(On choosing Toronto as a place to scale his business in North America) … Because of the location of Toronto, it’s very central for Canada and also the United States. But also for the quality of life.”

Jorge Moraes, Founder

Air conditioner, refrigerator, lights, cell phone charger. More and more trucks have accessories available to make the trip more comfortable for the driver. The downside of all this is the high battery consumption that these items end up generating. But what if there was an alternative to this?

Jorge Moraes, founder of K3 explains the solution in his own words: “We make a device for the logistics industry. It’s a device that equalizes the battery charges for the trucks, especially heavy duty trucks. And doing that, we double the battery life.”

Carbon footprint of every truck that travels across Canada can take a heavy toll. 10.5% of Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions come from freight transportation, and a majority of these emissions come from heavy-duty trucks. Because of this, the use of new ways to power on board accessories is growing, one of the alternatives being solar energy.

The investment in solar energy for the truck also generates savings for the owner of the vehicle. Besides all the benefits, the constant supply of energy to the battery reduces the force required from the diesel engine, leaving the alternator less charged, so the engine works lighter, generating fuel savings. It’s a win-win for everyone, truck driver and owner, supply chain and logistics, and the environment.

Jorge started this company in his home country of Brazil. He landed in the Startup Visa Program, that LatAm Startups provides as a designated sponsor by the Canadian government, in the year 2021.

“I knew about LatAm (Startups) because I have a common friend and I started looking for more information about Miryam (LatAm Startups’ CEO) and LatAm (Startups).” Like many of our member companies, Jorge ended up enrolling to one of our programs thanks to a referral from a friend. “…I recommend LatAm (Startups) 120% because of all the experience I’ve had so far.”

It is important to state that through the City of Toronto’s support, LatAm Startups has been able to provide programming that assists not only K3, but all of the startups in our portfolio.

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