“Toronto is home. And also it’s a great opportunity, due to the tech boom that is going on. Meaning significant investments, support from government, skills available, freedom to do business, economic stability. And also big companies are here, including their headquarters.”

Andres Baez, Country Manager, Canada at RDIT

One sensitive subject most companies have to deal with is vendor management. It involves developing a vendor management strategy, establishing clear vendor selection criteria, negotiating fair and reasonable contracts, monitoring vendor performance regularly, and maintaining solid vendor relationships.

RDIT is on a mission to make it easier to manage vendors overall. They’ve created Holo Vendor Lifecycle Management: the platform that enables the automation of the vendor’s lifecycle, achieving centralization with complete visibility and control. Imagine an optimized vendor environment that supports your company’s growth.

Their mission too, is to change the way of thinking and managing information technologies. They help define and professionally achieve strategic and operational objectives in technology matters, providing talent, experience and solutions. With a presence in various American countries, they provide services and execute local, regional or global projects.

Their services consist of performance process automation and workflow management platform, consulting and increasing the level of maturity of IT and its value to the business by supporting their clients ​​in the design, transformation and operation to achieve an excellent, efficient technology area with satisfied users. Finally, they improve productivity by reducing the IT investment and recurring cost base.

“…Then a year ago we launched the office in Toronto to better serve our customers in North America.” RDIT is taking part of LatAm’s Newcomer Entrepreneur Accelerator (NEA) Program, and are already seeing the benefits of setting up shop in Toronto with the help of LatAm Startups.

“LatAm Startups has been very helpful with the marketing and sales strategy, as well as introducing RDIT to the Canadian ecosystem.”, states Andres about the importance of having a strategic partner that can open doors and lead you to the right connections to start growing your business. He follows: “It is a great place to create networking opportunities. There’s a solid program defined with market experts and mentors, including a co-working space to accelerate the company and grow the business in Canada.”

It is important to state that through the City of Toronto’s support, LatAm Startups has been able to provide programming that assists not only RDIT, but all of the startups in our portfolio.

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