Headquartered in Canada, with operations in Mexico and Colombia, SmartConcil, a platform providing midsize and enterprise companies with an easy way to automate financial & transactional reconciliation processes, received a $500 000 USD pre-seed round investment to grow their presence in Latin America.

SmartConcil recognized when it becomes time to close the books and get everything reconciled at the end of the month that finance teams don’t have the transparency in numbers, enough time, or the ability to quickly gather information from different data sources. SmartConcil’s platform helps companies to consolidate and standardize all financial information in one place. By automating the entire reconciliation process, SmartConcil helps companies increase the efficiency in their work processes and the reliability of their financial metrics in real-time.

“We help financial teams dramatically reduce the time and effort spent on repetitive activities and allow them to focus on what really matters, which is growing the business with control.” – Victor Salinas, CEO SmartConcil

After establishing their headquarters in Canada, taking part in LatAm Startups programs, and being accepted into the Accelerator Centre, their recent achievement is another meaningful milestone giving the SmartConcil team confidence in the value they bring to their customers. CEO Victor Salinas aims to grow a larger customer base in South America and Central America, and the new funding will help accelerate their growth in these regions. Enhancing their digital presence by investing in their marketing and sales strategy has become a focus for SmartConcil with their recent addition of team members. Despite their current plans to focus on growing in Latin America, they will continue to develop their strategy in Canada, as their vision to become a global company was built on the foundational learnings of being in the Canadian ecosystem.

“It’s really exciting because we’re thinking as a global company. First, we will want to grow our presence in the Latin American market, but then we’re going to jump into North America, Europe, and Asia because what we’ve seen is that the solution we have fixes a problem all around the world.”

What began as a client request four years ago in Mexico to create a solution for the client’s problem with cash flow management has come far under CEO Victor Salinas’s leadership. Closing their preseed round with this exciting investment will be one of many more in the future as SmartConcil continues to bring its comprehensive solution addressing a universal problem that medium enterprises face across the world.

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