Revitalizing the Lives of Canadian Seniors: Moonshot Robots Leads the Charge

Moonshot Robots

"... We saw a big opportunity here and we decided to bring Moonshot Robots to Canada. We did lots of tests. We introduced our company to many of people" Ricardo Schwarz, CTO and Co-Founder of Moonshot Robots The global aging population is on the rise, with Canada experiencing a significant surge. As seniors advance in…

Fasten Your Seatbelts, The Flight To Success Led By NeoJets Is About To Take-Off

Entrepreneurship's a very hard task, and we are facing challenges every time, every day. In Canada, we don't have this kind of label. Nobody asked me where I was from. And they just care about what my company can provide to them... Emerson Muramaki, CTO at Neojets The private jet market is projected to grow…

Testing a better world through the eyes of Choucair

"...What we discovered with Canada is that there was more, we had more affinity as a company with the culture of Canada. The sustainability, the ecosystem to do business, we like it very much." María Clara Choucair, Founder of Choucair Solutions Inc. The year was 1999 and María Clara saw an untapped market in Colombia.…



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