Revitalizing the Lives of Canadian Seniors: Moonshot Robots Leads the Charge

Moonshot Robots

"... We saw a big opportunity here and we decided to bring Moonshot Robots to Canada. We did lots of tests. We introduced our company to many of people" Ricardo Schwarz, CTO and Co-Founder of Moonshot Robots The global aging population is on the rise, with Canada experiencing a significant surge. As seniors advance in…

Inventri Boosts Retail Profit Margins with its Elite Cloud-Based Software

"From an incubation standpoint, Toronto and Canada in itself, it's an enabling environment for startup ecosystems to thrive." Steve Ishiguzo, Co-Founder and COO of Inventri Efficient inventory management is pivotal to retail success. As cloud-based inventory management solutions rise to the forefront, they're revolutionizing the retail landscape, enhancing operational flow, cash movement, and profit margins.…

Having A #SmartFarm Assistant Is Now Possible With Cropinno’s #AI Technology


"Canada is an ideal market to enter for startups, because of the high adoption rate in agri-tech, availability of talented people and governmental support to scale the business in North America and all (over) the world." Sara Mirshekari, Co-Founder and CEO of Cropinno As of 2023, there are 189,874 farms in Canada, covering 6.2% of…



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