Argentina & Uruguay In The Spotlight!

Uruguay and Argentina represent together one of the most fascinated startup ecosystems in Latin America with talent and amazing companies.

At first, people don’t think in Uruguay and Argentina as a destination to grow business in Latin America, but both countries represent together a pool of talent, and also, a good environment establish and grow tech businesses. We’re presenting a white paper about the startup ecosystem in Argentina and Uruguay, along with a group of experts in market entry and a case study from a Canadian tech company entering these two markets.


  • 6:00pm Opening remarks
  • 6:05pm Presentation White Paper Argentina & Uruguay As Point Of Entry In Latin America
  • 6:20pm Panel: Group of experts in market entry Argentina and Uruguay (Daniel Cadenazzi, Consul General of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay in Toronto; Maria de los Angeles Arrieta, Deputy Consul General of Argentina; Roberto Hausman, Client Services at Excellence Canada)
  • 6:45pm Case Study. Canadian tech company entering to Argentina (Cultovo)
  • 7:00pm The Taste of Argentina and Uruguay (Special Catering)