Companies accepted into Acceleration program have already validated market and have a clear market entry strategy. In this stage we expect to have companies increasing revenue and funding in North America.

  • Startup Visa program acceptance
  • Talent Acquisition & team building
  • Investment pitch deck
  • Meeting with investors
  • Event management and community growth
  • Grants and loans application
  • Accounting and corporate taxes
  • Company valuation
  • Sales growth


These are the basic criteria to be eligible for the Acceleration program. An interview with the Board of Directors of LatAm Startups will be conducted to determine your participation into the program.

  • Technology company with intellectual property (IP)
  • Financially stable
  • Coachable team
  • Willing to re-locate in Canada
  • All founders must have a business level of English proficiency
  • Phase I: Market validation and Phase II: Market Entry completed
  • International business plan completed

Cost of the Program

LatAm Startups accepts companies in cohorts. The program last 6 months plus 1 year monitoring for up to 5 co-founders of the same company. This program can run in person, hybrid or online depending of government restrictions under covid-19. The cost of this program is USD 9,500


  • January
  • June
  • October


Lunch with investors, investment pitch deck, supporting letter Startup Visa program, sales projection, marketing strategy and advice in the creation of customized events.

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